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I Style Myself 

I Style Myself is a game-changing startup in the shopping industry. 

We are the first company globally to have successfully developed a proprietary algorithm that creates high quality stylish outfits automatically, without any human involvement.

This opens tremendous scope of possibilities in the area of wardrobe styling, personal styling, high-street and online shopping.

OUR MISSION is to make style universally accessible and adding value to everyone. We've got a first-mover advantage but that's just the beginning and we are looking to lead the industry with innovation.

In our company we have a healthy disregard for the impossible. We try to bring innovative, valuable and visually stunning products and features to the millions of users around the world. 

We operate a very open and flat organisational structure and a creative environment, where developers are constantly encouraged to learn, try new things, deliver and iterate very quickly.

Our technical advisors include Google engineers and a former CTO of made.com.

If you, like us, want to be proud of what you create, want to work in a highly-skilled and closely-knit team, are a talented doer and prepared to move mountains and move fast, we are keen to meet you!

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