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Comax-FTG is an international company that offers hardware sales and consultancy solutions to Agricultural companies of all types and sizes. Comax-FTG specialises in the design and construction of farms, installation of agricultural equipment, and the provision of third party research and development. Currently involved in a large scale design and construction projects in Western and Far Eastern Russia, as well as Kazakhstan, FTG is looking for professionals to join the team on a contractual basis. Initiative, flexibility, and motivation are key traits that we look for in prospective hires.

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As part of a dynamic industry, Comax-FTG is constantly on the lookout for talented individuals in the following fields:

- Construction Engineering

- Electro-Mechanical Engineering

- Industrial Design and Drafting

- Logistics and Supply Chain Management

- Site Management and Supervision


Please check our "Vacancies" section for openings!

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