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Thermokey Refcomp 

"Thermokey Refcomp"  is an Italian based group of companies producing air and water heat exchangers and reciprocating and screw compressors. Both companies were founded in the early '90s and by now include one factory in Shanghai (China) and one in Curitiba (Brasil), plus an international sales network with several offices and branches all over the world.

The combined range of the two companies offers the main components necessary for refrigeration and air conditioning systems from one single supplier, a unique position on the market.

Both companies constantly develop new, innovative solutions and products, providing their customers with excellent technical support. For this reason, among the companies' customers are most of the main OEM European companies. The high quality of the products and a very fast reaction to any request from the customers are other two main points of the companies' philosophy.

Both companies are strongly oriented to export sales and are working to increase their presence in foreign markets.

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