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Rasseo is an intellectual property (IP) law firm emphasizing on patent outsourcing services. Focusing on the clients’ long-term development and financial advancement, Rasseo is the smart partner in the process of protecting IP by securing patents and protecting innovations. Our attorneys have significant experience in all legal and technical aspects of patent protection as well as impeccable credentials. We mainly focus on providing services in protection of rights on inventions, utility models, and computer programs. At Rasseo, the attorneys are specialized in all major disciplines including electrical, mechanical, chemical, life sciences, business methods, software and computers, and able to provide clients with the quality-driven and highly productive services to achieve the high-level goals. Our clients are organizations (law firms, IP firms, corporate departments, R&D firms) and individuals from all over the world which are generally interested in patent services support. Among our outsourcing services are patent search and prior art analysis, preparation of patent applications including drawings, and consulting in management and strategies of protection of clients’ investments in research and development. We support our clients from our locations in Russia and USA. Our corporate headquarters is based in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), where we have combined unique professional staff of patent attorneys. Working as a single team, we provide the legal experience and industry knowledge you need, as well as the personal attention you deserve. All our services are fully confidential and privileged, provided in rough time limits and at the preliminary fixed and attractively low prices. We are available for our clients whenever there is a need and we operate 7 days a week to fulfill our client’s schedule requirements. At Rasseo, your personal and business success is our top priority.
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